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He could start for Arkansas right now.

Gary Snyder

We were taken to Arkansas in trains like this.

George Takei

We expected to beat Arkansas. I don't think this is too big of an upset.

Kevin Bettencourt

Too much panic by Arkansas. They had plenty of time.

Bob Wenzel

If we play Arkansas, it may be a situation that if we win we host, if they win they host.

Billy Chadwick

Arkansas played terrific in Tuscaloosa.

Mark Gottfried

We all left and went straight up to Arkansas.

Andre Haydel

We are the largest book fair in the state of Arkansas.

Kerry Nelson

It will be an old Army base in Arkansas, ... That's way too far.

Roy Grant

Now, it receives the recognition it deserves from the state of Arkansas.

Skip Rutherford

They've gone out of their way to get things right. This will be a big boom for Arkansas.

Sandra Smith