[Clinton Foundation President Skip Rutherford took time Monday to place the work of his longtime friend within the context of Wal-Mart's corporate history.] He's been there as Wal-Mart emerged as America's most famous and well-known company, and he has seen the company reach the peak of business success, ... Jay has done a great job in helping the company get there and stay there.

The recipes are good, but the stories are also good, ... It includes all ranges of Clinton's life.

I am not surprised, but other than that, I really don't have any comment.

It causes what we call a traffic jam upstairs. We've had thousands of requests for copies.

[But will there be any party music on future compilations?] President Clinton hasn't picked the songs yet for the subsequent albums, ... but in all likelihood there will be (some R&B and rock included) because he likes a wide variety of music.

I don't see it as a contest or keeping score or a concentrated effort. I see it as an opportunity to recognize two important political figures.

It's a free country. People pay their admission, they can come to the library.

Not only is he an Arkansas figure, but he's a national and international figure. There are significant tributes to him across the country and the world.

Now, it receives the recognition it deserves from the state of Arkansas.