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We are really trying to dip our toe into that arena more and more.

Steve Tyndal

We definitely want to move more of our games into that arena.

Jack Donovan

The incentive arena in 1998 will be every bit as intensive as it was in '97.

Ronald Zarrella

Without U of L being the main tenant, we don't have an arena.

Jim Host

There wasn't an arena or an area it wasn't involved in.

Colm O'gorman

It does feel different. It's different playing in a big arena.

Trevor Goldsberry

There is still a long way to go. It would be great to go up to Rupp Arena and get a win.

Jonathon Modica

Our lobbyists are talking about a new arena, and the development around the new arena.

David Morehouse

We will have a sponsor of the arena. It's just a question of how we get there.

Michael Perrin

All four of these artists have the kind of draw that would be appropriate for an arena.

Richard Shelton

If it doesn't work as far as colleges, I'll try Arena Football.

Rico Hatter

We're looking at whether we should do something in that arena.

Anand Chandrasekher

If they had anything in that arena, it would be an honor to work for this organization.

Steve Sparks

I can't think of a better place to end it but Wells Fargo Arena.

Margo Muhlbauer

Every 100 miles you go, you've got a new arena, ... Everybody's got one.

Greg Edwards

You can't play soft in this arena.

Donald Brown

It's really the first chance to test them in that arena.

Cathy Williams

I have a plan for an ice arena and I want to let the public know about it.

Jim Armstrong

That's what's going to separate everyone in this new arena.

Michael Fink

It's Arena football and you've got to keep playing.

Damien Groce

There are millions and millions and millions of inkjet printers in the consumer arena.

Ron Glaz

Welcome to our beautiful arena.

Brevin Knight

They made it clear that they liked what they saw and that our arena was appropriate for NBA games.

Mick Cornett

Our challenge, after we raise the money to pay for the arena, is to then fill it up.

Dirk Katstra

We fill a void that is very important in the employment arena.

Gus Whitcomb

That new arena allows for more people to get inside.

Bud Legg

We've had a fantastic relationship with the arena. We're excited about continuing that relationship.

Amy Polacko

It's the beginning of the segmentation of the international arena.

Leah Zell

I have never played in an arena that loud where everybody is cheering for us.

Melvin Ely

I'm not getting any calls to tell me to vote for that arena.

Tom Burch

It's definitely the nicest arena I've ever been in.

Andrew Ebbett