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I am extremely confident it will be approved.

Hal Gershman

Of course that's your decision, but we still ask that this not be approved.

Jeff Myers

We're approved from the city, and the steel is already ordered.

Brad Butler

If the budget isn't approved, we will not stay on our posts.

Yevgeny Primakov

All tuition rates are approved by the Board of Trustees.

Cathy Andreen

We don't have an approved budget yet. That doesn't come out until the government releases its budget.

Rick Perkins

They approved the work period be extended from Aug. 31 to Sept. 15.

Royal Gasso

The law clearly states that you have to go through contract review to get a contract approved and she didn't do it.

Rep Alvin Holmes

It requires an application and approval of something that is already approved.

Brent Kohere

She has now in writing approved of our advertising policy which clearly stands against drugs abuse.

Liv Asarnoj

I can't say anything now because the project should be approved by the State Council.

Wang Dongsheng

I had every confidence we could get a Feb. 8 primary approved. When it comes to Feb. 1, I don't have the same level of confidence at all, .

Kathleen Sullivan

That which concerns everyone must also be discussed and approved by everyone.

Guy Verhofstadt

The more support that comes in with one of them, the better opportunity they might be approved.

Gordon Parks

We send a lot of variance applications to the state. More often than not, they get approved.

Geordie Smith

We were approved. We're good to go.

Nancy Diaz

They were exact scale models. If they got approved, you could get a patent for it.

Joseph Shapiro

By that time, a bid must have been approved for the senior center.

Sam Wright

The language is approved by the Township Board and its attorneys.

Derrick Jackson

We are definitely pleased that the PSC approved our request.

Theron Jensen

If we've approved the work, the grade should appear on the transcript.

Philip Ray

He was very supportive, and so was the CEO of AAA. This was in late 2002, around October. They approved a Web ad on Out in America.

Tom Oswalt

It's a great victory to have approved access. It comes at a cost.

Bob Honts

It's very likely to be approved.

Jim Mccamant

I've requested every day off from work, so I'm waiting to get approved.

Beth Swenson

If this deal isn't approved by the U.S., it wouldn't proceed.

Angus Blair

It was approved and an [official] resolution was passed on Feb. 27.

Larry Price

We're glad it's approved.

David Neustadt

It was approved by the president's council and the white paper was accepted.

Van Huyssteen

When she actually installed her design, it was not what we had as an organization or a committee approved.

Karen Owen

Any land taking has to be approved by Town Meeting.

Jim Macdonald

He cannot go until he has an approved residence.

Stacy Smith

Had we known ... then what we know now, we wouldn't have approved the license -- no question.

William Reinsch

It has not been approved.

Palaniappan Chidambaram

Whatsoever is good; the same is also approved of God.

Richard Hooker

The only thing that was approved was the site. Now we have to apply to do a pump test.

Tim Mcguire

Our job is only to administer a program approved by the voters.

Jim Sellers

They neither approved nor objected to it.

Asaf Shariv

If approved, it would generate an additional revenue stream for us.

Anita Rainey

He already has the change order before the council approved it.

Bill Gillette

Everyone is in limbo until we see whether the plan is approved.

Charles Tatelbaum

What Cato did, and Addison approved, Cannot be wrong.

Eustace Budgell