He probably is harder on himself than I want him to be right now. Sometimes he makes a mistake and beats himself up and he allows that to affect him two, three plays down the road.

The linemen were doing their job and I wouldn't be running if it wasn't for them.

We had some good plays, ... There were some good licks passed Monday night.

Randy and I decided to get it started, so we wrote the check.

We're going to have to pass some of this on in some form to our customers.

For the first time in having a junior varsity team on the field, I thought we did a good job.

We are dressing 18 kids for the games, ... Twelve of those have been out all summer practicing with the varsity program.

I thought today was the first day that we stepped up and kind of had a little nastiness to us.

He's a powerful enough man that when you line him up inside, he can collapse the pocket. That makes us better on the perimeter, because he can take some pressure off those ends to have to get to the quarterback and force him to have to work towards our ends.

The language is approved by the Township Board and its attorneys.

We are excited about this program believe that it is going to be an every year thing, ... We are hoping that we can get our pee-wee program's numbers up. You never stop teaching fundamentals, but the earlier you can start the better your program will be. We are excited about what these kids have done so far and the progress that they have made.

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I didn't think we ran to the ball the way we needed to. Maybe we would have had an opportunity to help make some plays.

The thing I've got to get Bobby sold on is playing with the toughness and attitude, every single play.

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