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He was very contrite and apologized and I?m comfortable with that.

Tom Ward

She apologized for her comments personally to them, and they were all gracious enough to accept it.

Roger Germann

Apologized for some of his word choices.

Michael Meehan

The story wasn't there, ... It was a mistake. It was a bad mistake, and CNN has apologized for it, as I think they should.

Floyd Abrams

I apologized to the team on the sideline because I was making it about me, and this is a team.

Ramonce Taylor

After he (the mayor) got off the phone he apologized to us.

Kevin Roy

The rabbi apologized to the community, to the board and to me personally.

Paul M. Rosen

I got a little too excited. I apologized to my team, and things worked out well after that.

Ramonce Taylor

He apologized after that, ... He said he was sorry.

Jose Cortez

He apologized for his mistake, but that's not enough. You need to concentrate more.

Pawel Janas