She apologized for her comments personally to them, and they were all gracious enough to accept it.

It was her last event of the day at 8:30 or 9, and it was kind of her hometown area. She owned up to it and apologized right away.

We're not paying too much attention to (the trial) at all.

If you take the definition to the umpteenth degree, you could call that an assault weapon.

He's less than a 1 percent owner in the hotel. These donations were made on behalf of the other organization, which represents the dozens or more officials who are members of that organization this guy oversees.

She will definitely raise the money necessary to be successful in November.

We're still doing very, very well.

That's fine and dandy if you are a millionaire and can self-fund your own campaign.

You'd don't get appointed head of the State Board of Education as an 'outsider' to the system. He's been at the Republican trough for a very, very long time.