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Amanda never did pick the right men.

Ann Powers

The team did very well. (Amanda) swam very well and achieved her goals.

Julie Fleet

Amanda Crawford had a great game in goal.

Troy Anderson

Molly had a heck of a run going before she fell. And Amanda had a very hot run when she fell.

Greg Mcclallen

(Amanda) is a warrior and a half.

Teri Rosinski

Amanda played a good game.

Julie Martin

Amanda Baker had a great game, she did a great job off the bench.

Jim Delmar

Hi, I'm looking for Amanda... Amanda Hug N Kiss.

Bart Simpson

We have some things to tighten up before the Big 12 Tournament. Amanda played very well for us in this tournament and I am very pleased to see that.

Erin O'neil

Amanda had done a great job some far.

Erica Garcia