If we as a team had to pick a representative it would clearly be Sarah. She is extremely team-oriented and unselfish.

We held a highly potent offensive team to 16 points in the first half. The defense was getting it done. It was the offense we were lacking.

We ran into a good team and we just didn't play up to their level.

Those two freshmen are great defenders. They're playing like sophomores and juniors.

The fans from Highland always give us a lot of confidence. They get the team and me psyched up.

Amanda Baker had a great game, she did a great job off the bench.

As a whole, I'm overjoyed. This has been a tremendous season for us. Too bad it had to end tonight. All the kids worked hard all season long. They gave me 110 percent and every ounce of their energy. I can't be more pleased.

We made runs. We broke our backs to get back in the game. They just hit big threes in big spots. It was an excellent game.

It was a very, very happy and emotional ride for me.