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An alliance with a powerful person is never safe.


We have reached an understanding. The details of the alliance will be worked out soon.

Veerappa Moily

The industrial alliance will not be with an Asian company.

Sergio Marchionne

I extend my hand of alliance to them.

Atal Behari Vajpayee

With our business solution in place we are far ahead of any alliance competitor.

Jaan Albrecht

That could be a key driver behind a strategic alliance.

Kevin Lee

We are working to have at least one other alliance by the end of the year.

Sergio Marchionne

The Lambda Alliance will be a way for us to apply together.

Brett Thalmann

We've got thousands of brands out there, ... Alliance is a vibrant word.

Phil Wilson

The Ministerial Alliance was in accord on this. They were all for it and I hope it can happen every year.

Gloria Mcenroe

[The alliance] didn't work, so let's move on.

John Tinker

He told the alliance today that it was up to it to decide. Now it will be the alliance which will decide.

Jawad Al maliki

The Alliance aims to achieve the same results in 2006.

James Appathurai