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That was really impressive. That's what he likes to do is stalk. Alex knows him well.

Bruce Headley

Alex is just thrilled. He can't wait to get to Washington.

Don Meehan

If there is anybody I want at the line at the end of the game it's Alex.

Maggie Dixon

The opportunities for Alex now are massive.

Jim Mcdonnell

Alex has a very, very tough decision to make.

Don Meehan

The way Alex was sitting, it looked pretty good.

Bruce Headley

I want to play, ... I don't feel like the same Alex, the guy you see every day.

Alex Gonzalez

Alex told me he's usually a good healer.

David Mulder

Alex has done a tremendous job for us.

Gervais Barger

There is only one Alex Ferguson, but there are similarities.

Phil Neville

He's in a league by himself. Alex has forgotten more about jazz than most of us remember.

Lew Dutrow

Alex was huge for us.

Chris Lynn

Alex, just give me the damn ball. OK, let's go!

Bob Pettit

Alex is the trickiest player. She's fast and has incredible touch.

Genie Hesler

Alex played well. Alex was Alex. He was steady and hit a lot of fairways.

Ben Bershad

Alex probably should have had seven assists.

Robbie Ftorek

Alex P. Keaton is his role model.

Andrea Caruso

It was a good play by Alex and it wasn't even one of the easier ones.

Michael Strickland

I couldn't see Alex, I just saw the ball in the air and I just did what I was supposed to do and caught it.

Fred Amey

Alex owned Rockford Country Club.

Kay Rossmiller

We've a better chance than last season,' said Sir Alex.

Wayne Rooney

Alex was outstanding. And we made a lot of plays behind him.

Chris Fenske