Beware of men on airplanes. The minute a man reaches thirty thousand feet, he immediately becomes consumed by distasteful sexual fantasies which involve doing uncomfortable things in those tiny toilets.

Cynthia Heimel

I realized that If I had to choose, I would rather have birds than airplanes.

Charles Lindbergh

Absolutely. I couldn't have more confidence, and I fly the airplanes.

Kevin Finan

Some will be there and some will be here. We have civilian and military airplanes from way back to the present.

Art Aviles

If you have a twin engine rating and if you have the money you can go out and buy one of these airplanes, and you can get in it and fly it.

Don Kennedy

FedEx is not going to go out and rent more airplanes.

Bram Johnson

They fly the heck out of their airplanes.

Jamie Baker

We are working our airplanes more, so more maintenance was required.

Carol Skornicka

We need to be very assured that we'll be able to have airplanes fly in there that we're confident will be OK.

Romero Iral

This is the way airplanes will be built in the future.

Marcelo Lemos

I've been nuts (about airplanes) ever since.

Bill Allen

There are different airplanes that require different levels of service.

Ed Bolen