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We now have an aggressive list price on every model aimed at the SMB market.

Stuart Mcrae

Janus is clearly aimed at Apple.

Phil Leigh

A well-aimed spear is worth three.

Tad Williams

He aimed right at my skull.

Virginia Frederick

The change is aimed at making production more flexible.

Victor Chang

I may have aimed too high sometimes, asked too much of myself and demanded too little from those around me.

Agnetha Faltskog

I aimed at the public's heart, and by accident I hit it in the stomach.

Upton Sinclair

This is aimed at young people. It's a cheap way for them to give it a try.

Jan Dawson

`it was a demonstrative act, and that he knew that the contents of the bag were not aimed to kill.

Antonietta Sonnessa

If it is not aimed at us, why didn't they come to us and tell us about it before they proposed it?

Nancy Mileusnich

We lived in danger, they had guns aimed at our backs.

Enzo Bottillo