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I doubt it. It sounds like an adult agenda to me.

Richard Ryan

Jenna Jameson is the adult star icon and probably always will be.

Johnna Long

Something in the Army changed him ... he came home as an adult.

Jessica Wolf

She should be an inspiration to everybody. She is just an amazing adult.

Linda Krohn

From the information I have received, it was an adult crime.

Craig Fraser

I think any adult producer would agree.

Paul Cambria

When you treat a kid as an adult, they start to act as an adult in the way they commit crimes.

Abby Anderson

The idea is for them to have another adult that they can connect with in the high school.

Tedra Holland

It's hard to deal with when you're an adult.

Robbie Atkisson

The adult relation to books is one of absorbing rather than being absorbed.

Anthony Burgess

I hope no kid or adult has to go through what I'm going through.

Thomas Brinkman

I went out with the mayor. I'm adult, and that was my decision.

Jennifer Carpenter

He did an adult crime, and he should serve an adult time.

Tom Rollins

There could be an adult party downstairs and a kids' party upstairs.

John Orgren

If a dog is less than 20 pounds, it can't pull a wheelchair. It can't guide an adult.

Dawn Capp

It's your GPA as an adult.

Craig Watts

To be an adult is to be alone.

Jean Rostand

The biggest impact on adult entertainment will be in marketing.

Adam Schoenfeld

Do your best to eat a little. Try to be an adult.

Maureen Cooney

It's an active-adult community that's also for the young professional.

Mike Henderson

Clearly an adult must be responsible enough to come in and ensure that doesn't happen.

Marcus Dudley

I do, because I'm going to be an adult when he's released, if he's ever released.

Mickenzie Smith

I would never think of such an act of someone, an adult seeking someone of such a younger age.

Jeffrey Hanson

We're trying to get the adult children engaged.

Kathleen Harrington

We've had inquires about adult education and prep courses.

Michael Gross

We are seriously considering charging her as an adult.

Michael Hunt

A town without an adult district is at risk.

Daniel Bailey

We have a beer and wine license, so we could have an adult night.

Chris Rossing

I get a shot every year, but I probably won't this year since I'm a healthy adult.

Karen Miller

Inside every adult male is a denied little boy.

Nancy Friday

Many, many adult butterflies live only two weeks.

Cheryl Harner

It will be enforced by adult staff members.

Dr. Robert Greene

Taxes are not fun. If this is what being an adult is, then I don't want to grow up.

Arnold Serapilio

We are relying on Adult Protective Services to help.

Kelly Cross

You put a child in an adult system, you don't get a child back - you get a monster.

Owen Duke

I'll take it like an adult. I made a mistake and I accept it.

Fabien Pelous

The creative adult is the child who has survived.

Ursula K. LeGuin