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President Robbins was so well adjusted to his environment that sometimes you could not tell which was the environment and which was President Robbins.

Randall Jarrell

If there are more than five athletes, then the standard is adjusted to make it tougher.

Jeff Guy

The state figures are seasonally adjusted.

Sam Mcclary

It's more weird than I thought it would be, ... But after a few starts you get adjusted.

Chris Gomez

But that was a raw number, not adjusted for comparable jobs and responsibility.

John Leo

The biggest thing was I got adjusted to the mound. There's not much of a hill over here.

Keegan Linza

It's been difficult. I've adjusted a lot and I'm still trying to get better at it.

Brian Laing

If your usage has gone up, your bill will be adjusted upward.

Leigh Morris

When I missed that I re-adjusted my sights for 2006.

Bruce Scott

The market has adjusted since then, but they haven't.

Lewis Goodkin

We thought we'd adjusted for those students. This is more than just that.

Karen Strakbein

He met me when I was doing 'Ed,' so he adjusted to that schedule.

Julie Bowen

It needs to be adjusted to accommodate a growing wine industry.

Kevin Atticks

In the second half we adjusted.

Samir Haj