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Monty is a fantastic addition to the squad.

Tony Smith

He's a nice, nice addition. But we do miss Coach.

Todd Hursey

He is a new and welcome addition to the chorus.

Dora Murray

It's an excellent staff and Leo is a tremendous addition.

Wayne Puglisi

I thought we'd be a very tough team, even before the addition of Lindsey. But with the addition we're that much better.

Darci Lewis

I thought they might be a good addition.

Joan Mcbride

I hope to be positioned to bid this 2,600 sq. ft. addition in 6-8 weeks.

Jerry Neal

They did a terrific job. It's a nice addition.

Doug Chapman

Ramirez is a huge addition.

Joey Montoya

This will be a nice addition to the city.

John Osmulski

In addition we expect to end the year with roughly $1 billion in cash.

Warren Jenson

This is a bold new addition to our fleet.

Richard Rowe

It's shaping up great. We've had great response. It's a beautiful addition.

Debbie Andrews

Charlotte is a great addition to our team.

Kelly Krauskopf

This is all in addition to what property owners are paying now.

Annette Ratzenberger

In addition to existing police shifts, which will not change.

Sam Katz

We built the school. And in addition to that, we provided . . . more than what was in the budget.

William Bell

Reminders of the past are a neat addition.

Heidi Clark

This is in addition to what you already get.

Andrew Adamson

He is a terrific addition to the team.

Stanimir Stoilov

It's a very logical addition to the digital camera.

John Jackson

This could be a great toy or a unique addition to a collection.

Randy Gunn

Billing is a logical and complementary addition.

Chuck Phillips

We are in a box without a lot of options. You wouldn't put an addition on your house if you lost your job.

John Graves

In addition to the world watching, the world is participating.

Roland Betts

That's really a welcome addition to our school.

Paul Ford

Some of the biggest errors are flat-out addition and subtraction errors.

Sue Hales

This is an important addition to the downtown fabric.

Charles Long

In addition, it is a social place.

Trudy Pieper