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We completely rebuilt every one of them, adding new drainage and sand.

Steve Sarro

Fiscal policy is adding to uncertainty.

Alan Bollard

We hit a glitch adding the international databases.

Kristi Kaspar

We just got keep adding bricks to the mansion.

Kenyatta Walker

When you start adding it all up, you're talking millions, not tens of millions.

Jeff Robinson

We keep adding new touches to keep it a special event.

Jim Cooper

For the sake of adding another receiver.

Ted Thompson

Adding more now wouldn't be a big deal because of the existing deal.

Robert Hendry

We have churches on standby and we're adding to that number as we speak.

Nedra Turney

It's the salt that came from the ocean, so we're not adding anything to it.

Billy Owens

We are not replacing church, we are adding really.

Simon Jenkins

We will be adding categories for children of that age. The letters will not be as rigid, if you will.

Cynthia Mcnally

We are adding new items to the menu all the time.

Dwayne Davis

Adding further conditions now would be a betrayal.

Cemil Cicek

We are adding about 15 sites a week to the VPN.

Ron Rohrer

There was a lot of emotion and it was adding stress.

Jason Mathews

We seem to be adding about 500 employees a year out here.

Marshall Worden

We really don't know the safety of adding these in a supplemental form.

Cynthia Sass

Adding core mortgage relationships.

Kerry Killinger

Adding Jay was a key decision.

Jerry Bell

The past few years you could see something just wasn't adding up.

Aaron Henry

We will be adding electrical if there is enough interest.

Raj Desai

That is too much. That is adding insult to injury.

Francis Escudero

So we will be adding that to our billing records.

Mayco Villafana

They've been really popular, that's why we're adding to it.

Lissette Campos

To media requests and then adding, ''I gotta go.

Manny Ramirez

Publicly or privately, I would never support adding more than 900 homes.

Scott Strong

Adding East is like adding one of the top teams in the state.

Steve Turner

It's more than adding numbers (calculating yardage for shots),'' he said.

Becky Morgan

I had to keep opening new sections and adding more classes.

Colleen Ryan

We hope to be adding to the menu and changing things around on it eventually.

Georgene Rideout

That's a luxury. We've been getting rid of necessities and now we're adding a luxury.

Tim Ray

They're already talking about adding on or building a new one.

Todd Abbott

We could see how we're going with the IB program. And then see about adding these other programs.

Robert Wiggins

We've been through a lot since then, adding so many programs.

Jerry Beisner

We're overburdened, as developers, adding features to applications.

Eric Rudder