The Big Tens are coming up. We're focusing on the big thing and staying on point.

This is our season, our favorite time of the year.

I think there were a lot of untold stories about Beyers Naud. I believe that people should not forget about his contribution to the fight against injustices in this country and all the sacrifices he made.

The staff will be dressed in costume and everyone who comes is encouraged to do the same.

There are a lot of measures they can implement whether it is insulation, new windows, heating and cooling systems there are a lot of things people can do and people need to take advantage of this program they are investing into it, they should take advantage of it.

I really enjoyed it and I am not really an opera kind of person. The actors and actresses voices are amazing.

I'm excited to learn about other the other experiments.

It's important to keep in mind that these tax credits are credits against Dell tax payments that wouldn't exist without significant investment from Dell. In the case of North Carolina, it's a performance basis. Dell doesn't get tax credits unless we meet job creation targets. . . . That's good for Dell and good for North Carolina.

I had to keep opening new sections and adding more classes.