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We just added a couple of zeroes to it.

Lyndon B. Johnson

Ore doesn't have added value.

Michel Alaby

Had I known that, it would have added fire to my indignation.

Kathy Collins

I think all that added up and helped everything.

Houston Nutt

Bangladesh bowled well -- added with some bad cricket from us.

Tatenda Taibu

All the rooms will have added charm.

Scott Nadel

We've added more activities.

Barb Griffin

And all who told it added something new, And all who heard it made enlargements too.

Alexander Pope

We've known for quite a while, and we've added staff.

Mel Willey

It was good that we added it. It just wasn't in the right place.

Col. Gina Grosso

We added $38 million in new business during the quarter.

Atul Nishar

We've probably spent $20,000 on added security.

Scott Hunter

He added, ''is we got our expectations up that we would get 1,000 new jobs, and that is not going to happen.

John Tierney

She not only kept her lovely figure, she's added so much to it.

Bob Fosse

It's added to my longevity.

Dick Bavetta

Each principal has added to the growth very gracefully.

Kathy Kleinmann

But they all added a lot of authentic items to their projects.

Johnnie W. Scott

It just added to the buzz.

Mark Gerth

He added, ''I wish him only the best.

Andrew Heyward

We are very excited about value-added agriculture.

Greg Steinhoff

But now we've added a new tool: The Emerging Technologies Fund.

Mark Ellison

We've added a few more products, but we're maintaining the tradition.

Steve Long

He's been so excited and he's added a little zest at practice.

Carolyn Peterson

You've added so much to the history of jurisprudence in this country.

Robert Kaye

We added a huge kitchen to the place. It used to be a drive-through.

Josie Russo

In Europe, we added a number of technology companies.

Lynette Schroeder

They added some instant players and he does a great job coaching them.

Gregg Marshall

These new regulations will bring added protection to the public.

Jeffrey Hammond

Lots of natural light will be added.

Randy Matlow

Ground oatmeal can be added to any food.

Ruth Frechman

It's not like he's won 16 races in a row. There's really no added pressure.

Bill Mott

A little excitement will be added, we hope.

Aaron Robinson

Our size has added a new dimension.

Mark Scherer

We have added a nun and children's ensemble to diversify the score a bit.

Jennifer Baker

We'd be missing a great opportunity if we didn't tap him for added duties.

Bob Stevenson

We think we can do it. We've added a lot of new programs.

Dan Jorgensen

My forecast certainly didn't factor the added payment.

David Lum

That added up to an economic cost of about $48 billion a year.

Karen Davis

In some ways, they've added one more card to their playing hand.

Craig Watts

He had a good fastball, actually added a couple of mph to his fastball.

Tye Waller

That's something that will never be added as inexpensively as it will be at that time.

Dave Tibbetts

He modified a plan we showed him and added what we wanted.

Cathy Jimenez

They added insult to injury.

Bill Burga

We've got some great new players added. The possibilities are limitless.

Andy Sutton

And it worked. Then we added sides and more wheels and it worked even better.

Chris Culp

There are many people who have added to the success of the organization.

Jonathan Lawrence

I added some extra roles to involve more students.

Lon Pugh

It all added up to something that's making me feel proud.

Robbie Robertson

All of those things added up, it wasn't just one guy acting alone.

Robert Tucker

Those seniors have added some valuable minutes. They've made us better.

Mikki Denney Wright

From 1990 to 2005, we added 4,500 citizens in Haines City, and of that, about 4,000 or more were Hispanics.

Jane Patton

To achieve those same gains in math and science, more time must be added to the day.

Anne Gold

It's added some spice to the rivalry.

Tom Lemming

No new troops were added.

Edilberto Adan