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It is absolutely true that we set out to expose Microsoft's covert activities.

Larry Ellison

He was very active in a lot of education and religious and political activities all his life.

James Doyle

It's about activities, things to see and do.

Roger Brooks

We've added more activities.

Barb Griffin

The department's always maintained that their activities were a taxable service.

David Casey

From what I understand. . . in terms of his activities in the late 1990s, he really wasn't on the radar then.

Karen Ernst

Iran must return to a complete suspension of these activities.

Denis Simonneau

In 2002 we decided to manage all activities of District 4 directly.

Nelson Ninin

If a private company were to start activities in the area.

Shoichi Nakagawa

We will still have activities going on … and we still want people to come out.

Charles Colgan

There's a lot of stuff to do here, activities like sports or outdoor stuff.

Rebecca Davis

Most of the activities went well; we would have liked a little more participation.

Kelly Cooper

None of the attaches was or is engaged in inappropriate activities.

Janelle Hironimus

These activities won't reveal anything to them, ... That's to say, it won't give them anything new.

Ali Yunesi

The need was there for horse activities and (there was) lots of interest.

Becky Madden

It's very family oriented, and the activities outside of the classroom are that way, too.

Sebastian Bellomo

Everyone was so excited to do this, ... We don't often get to do such hands-on activities.

Brett Quigley

And other important activities of the office.

Peter Harvey

We've set up other activities for them, they're good activities, but they don't take the place of the computers.

Susan Ritter

If we have to fund the National teams, we will question GFA activities.

Sos Faal

The more activities they participate in, the more awards they would get.

Danielle Lee

We had always opposed anti-national activities.

Gulam Mustafa

We are carrying on with our activities.

Caroline Cross

We want to know: Do you know about your subordinates' activities?

Robert Grant

I have no fear whatsoever about any investigation into me or my personal or professional activities.

Tony Rudy

I haven't been involved in the activities yet, but I will be.

Frances Parnell

There was no real outlet for activities at the time.

Tom Kindre

We have entertainment around the clock, all kinds of activities.

Cindy Tokarz

He wants to have more impulsive activities. We are more methodical in how we do things.

Richard Barrett

Those are suppression activities. Those are not eradication.

Craig Meyers

How much involvement did he have to those activities that happened so close to his office?

Robert Grant

Activities like that are really good for the city and the activist community.

Carl Truman

She's a leader in all of her activities. Not just a member.

Jennifer Godinho

It's by no means just about the BND activities in Iraq.

Petra Pau

It's the most popular place for student activities.

Tina Kuckkahn

We don't comment on specific investor activities.

Toni Simonetti

We really don't have any reason to think that there would be any significant disruption in our activities.

Mark Isto

A gym would allow us to do so many new activities.

Don Sebek

We have to earn all of our money to go on all of our field trips and do our activities.

Erin Rodgers

I wish we had this kind of activities every week of the year.

Erick Siqueira