Most companies are looking for a 12-month return on investment, or payback in the same fiscal year. It may be that the price point is too high.

I made it clear to him, if he wanted to join the Nationalist Movement, not to hold the April 29 event.

I didn't know he had cornflakes.

I've never seen anything like it, ... We feel very lucky to be in the city of Jacksonville.

[The event is being called] Killen Appreciation Day, ... It's an old-fashioned Mississippi homecoming. It's held for sports figures and beauty queens. Why not political prisoners?

He wants to have more impulsive activities. We are more methodical in how we do things.

We keep track of the number of hits. Starting three weeks ago, we started to get hundreds of thousands of hits. We've been wondering why, but I guess we know now.

You're supposed to get out of a wheelchair. They want you to get up and get around.

The benefits of being a global supermarket have not been realized. And everyone in the corporate world has been sensitized to potential conflicts. Now people are seeking value in other ways.