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The accidental bankruptcy. They went in and then said, 'Now what should we do?'

Joel Denney

This was an accidental discovery.

Craig Sarazin

The Accidental Activist: A Personal and Political Memoir.

Candace Gingrich

It would have been one thing if it was an accident. This is hard to see as an accidental thing. It's very hard.

Linda Bush

It is not accidental that our greatest art is intimate and not monumental.

Max Webber

We think it's accidental, but we're not going to rule that yet.

Wayne Lewis

It was an accidental shooting.

George Kajtsa

I was an accidental actor. I was never formally trained.

David Soul

Accidental or not, there is no place for that kind of language, period.

Curt Smith

It appears to be accidental.

Pete Crum

This appears to be a very tragic, accidental death.

Gary Davidson