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We're only able to look at getting food to the accessible pockets.

Jerry Bailey

It's just too accessible. It's too easy. It's too big of a temptation for people.

Richard Hopkins

I think it brings dance to a new level, to make it more accessible.

Michelle Voigt

Rochester is a very accessible community, affordable community.

Tracy Armstrong

Profit growth seems accessible and coherent with economic growth.

Christophe Donay

It's easily accessible. We want to be where the customers are.

James Weaver

She makes a very concerted effort to be accessible to the public.

Richard Hudson

I really wanted to make the event even more accessible to families with kids.

Barbara Wilson

It's not accessible from any district computer.

Sara Stern

Accessible design is good design.

Steve Ballmer

My process is very accessible to hobbyists.

Paul Stankard

It is accessible and affordable to everyone, no matter their situation.

Brenda Powell

They can get it any time they want. It is very accessible.

Barge Levy

We're an ideal political family, as accessible as Disneyland.

Maureen Reagan

We can't make this high school handicapped accessible.

Rick Forsythe

Thanks for giving us an accessible vote.

Dan Kaiser

Once they put it out there, they're accessible.

Jean Vaughn

Our feeling is to tone down the costume and make it more accessible that way.

Scott Rosenberg

There needs to be more breaks in these medians to make it more accessible to businesses.

David Hanshaw

I found out Lennon was more accessible.

Mark David Chapman

Dr. Barnes really believed that this should be accessible to, as he said, the plain people.

Rebecca Rimel