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I still get that. I tell them they are the ones with the accent, not me.

Sean Mccurdy

They made me use an accent, which I wasn't thrilled about because a lot of us, obviously, don't have them.

Rita Moreno

And they both had the same accent.

Frank Wiedner

[He had] an accent that carried the longing cadence of the exile.

Peter Evans

His accent started to falter, and he became agitated.

Karlee Weinmann

He's the guy with the accent.

Tim Farriss

His Texas accent doesn't come closer than Perth Amboy.

Joel Siegel

Accent your positive and delete your negative.

Donna Karan

I sat in the stands all week and perfected my Canadian accent.

Klete Keller

That's always a starting point of conversation when you find somebody with the same accent as you.

Barbara Wilson

This is not the death of the cockney accent, it is a reincarnation.

David Crystal

When I got the part I panicked on how now I'm going to do a New Zealand accent in New Zealand.

Zoe Lucker