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Obviously, our business is growing and accelerating and strong.

Jim Balsillie

I'm going to look at accelerating it, ... I'm not going to say I can absolutely guarantee it, but I'm going to look at it.

Peter Kalikow

It's appalling that Nissan, V.W. and Hyundai are accelerating in reverse.

Daniel Becker

He is accelerating all the time. That last lap was run in 64 seconds and the one before in 62.

David Coleman

Investment in China is actually accelerating.

Chen Xingdong

Inflation is accelerating to worrisome levels.

Stephen Koukoulas

We have indications that some of this growth may be accelerating.

Bernie Ebbers

Manufacturing is recovering -- and the recovery, in fact, is accelerating.

Harvinder Kalirai

It's bad in the sense that it's happening, it's accelerating and we're not talking about it.

Pam Kiely

This highlights a re-accelerating economy led by consumption and investment.

Dong Tao

We remain committed to accelerating our business plans.

Becky Sanch