There is still a huge amount of resilience in the consumer side of the economy.

They've set the groundwork for a rate rise in October. They've been disappointed by how persistently high inflation is and how the economy just hasn't cooled off in a way they would've liked it to.

We're short-term fans of the Australian dollar. The global demand for commodities is incredibly strong because of the global economy, which is doing very well.

Retail spending is recovering nicely with a solid momentum occurring since May.

The economy has come through a soft patch and is looking strong.

It is simply too early to tell.

Inflation is accelerating to worrisome levels.

Growth momentum means offshore investors want to put their money in Australia.

If you want sustained growth you need business investment to help drive it. The growth report combined with the election victory is good news: investors for years have been crying out for reform and have been hoping the Japanese economy can sustain growth.