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They gave a nice academic touch to our squad.

Scott Buchanan

We always have been a district that focuses on academic achievement.

Guy Romero

He's Academic All-State in soccer because he has a GPA better than 3.6.

Mark Nirrengarten

Velasco is an academic, so his big challenge will be confronting the politicians.

Leonardo Suarez

There is no academic penalty.

Kit Pfieffer

We have to look at if non-academic factors should be part of an academic grade.

Sue Whitney

Based on the lyrics I think it's not as highbrow academic.

Dennis Lyxzen

We need someone with a proven record in academic leadership.

Nancy Hopkins

A lot of us are concerned about the academic performance of baseball teams.

Walter Harrison

It seems so obvious to say the social world and the academic world are linked.

Sarah Miles

The Internet is provided for academic use.

Amy Borger

Not about academic preparation; it's about money.

Sandy Baum

It's a technical issue, not an academic issue. He's fine academically.

Frank Martin

I'm an academic. I'm going to wait and see what happens.

Michael Reich

He (Jones) has some academic issues.

Dean Montzingo

We feel the arts bring out academic rigor.

Emily Hamilton

It's very safe in the academic community: no one thinks anything of it.

Elayne Rapping