I think what we have proved...is that by offering a license that is relevant to kids we can actually attract new entrants into the hobby of model railways.

Sheila is one of those individuals who, when you give it to her, she's going to go line by line. She's not going to miss anything.

The gate wasn't unlocked. It was broken or taken off.

The last three years have just been going steadily downhill as far as the actions, methods and means that have been used by the foundation. Everyone would like to see a good festival, but the way things have been handled, it makes it next to impossible for Mr. Spinks to work with the Bill Monroe Foundation.

This flight's been canceled.

It's a technical issue, not an academic issue. He's fine academically.

Losing Tyree is a huge blow. He is an impact player. What I do know is that as long as he has any charges at all pending against him he is not going to be admitted (to UC). Tyree Evans wants to be here, I can tell you that.

We are focusing on maximizing our revenue streams through product innovation.

Shut up and drive.