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Abraham RobinsonAlan TuringAlfred North WhiteheadAlonzo Church
ArchimedesArthur CayleyAugustus De MorganBen Hecht
Carl Friedrich GaussCharles BabbageClaude ShannonDaniel Bernoulli
David HilbertDr. Isaac BarrowFelix KleinFrank Adams
Frank AdamsonG. H. HardyGeorg CantorGeorge Boole
Henri PoincareHermann WeylIsaac NewtonJames Joseph Sylvester
Janos BolyaiJohn BrittonJohn Forbes NashJohn Von Neumann
Karl PearsonLeonhard EulerMartin GardnerMax Born
Norbert WienerPythagorasRaymond SmullyanRene Descartes
Ronald FisherSimon NewcombSofia KovalevskayaWilliam Emerson