Carl Friedrich Gauss
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"Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss" (30 April 177723 February 1855) was a Germans/German mathematician who contributed significantly to many fields, including number theory, algebra, statistics, mathematical analysis/analysis, differential geometry and topology/differential geometry, geodesy, geophysics, electrostatics, astronomy, matrix theory, and optics.

Sometimes referred to as the Princeps mathematicorum (Latin, "the Prince of Mathematicians" or "the foremost of mathematicians") and "greatest mathematician since antiquity", Gauss had a remarkable influence in many fields of mathematics and science and is ranked as one of history's most influential mathematicians.

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If others would but reflect on mathematical truths as deeply and as continuously as I have, they would make my discoveries.

Ask her to wait a moment - I am almost done.

God does arithmetic.

Mathematicians stand on each other's shoulders.