Vince Young
FameRank: 6


* 2× Pro Bowl

* National Football League Rookie of the Year Award/NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year (2006)

* National Football League Comeback Player of the Year Award#Sporting News Comeback Player of the Year award/NFL Comeback Player of the Year (2009)


* 2006 BCS National Championship Game/BCS National Champion (2005)

* Consensus All-American (2005 College Football All-America Team/2005)

* 2x Rose Bowl Game/Rose Bowl Most Valuable Player/MVP (2005 Rose Bowl/2005, 2006 Rose Bowl/2006)

* Archie Griffin Award (2005)

* Manning Award (2005)

* Davey O'Brien Award (2005)

* Pete Dawkins Trophy (2002)



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/statlabel5=Rushing attempts


/statlabel6=Rushing touchdowns





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I'm just enjoying the moment right now. All of these awards mean a great deal to me, because of all of the hard work that me and my teammates have put in this year. I guess we've got another one to go (the Heisman) on Saturday.

I feel like I didn't represent my team, my family, my fans, by not coming back with the trophy.

I think this is a statement that University of Texas is going to fight to the finish.

How sweet this is. The roses smell so pretty. Oh, so pretty.

Right now, I feel like I let my guys down. Right now, I feel like I let my family down.

I don't care if I have to run 100 times or pass it 100 times, ... Whatever it takes to win is all that matters to me.

Tell 'em I'm coming back.

This award (Maxwell) means a whole lot because people doubted me about being a quarterback and thought I should have been moved to another position. I wanted to show the world how good a quarterback I could be. If this doesn't silence those critics, then I'll just go back to work and try to fix whatever I need to fix.

I don't know why people think this game is going to scare us.