"Vince Williams" was an United States/American actor from Natchitoches, Louisiana, best known for his role as "Hampton Speakes" on Guiding Light, which he played from 1989 to 1995.

He moved on to Another World (TV series)/Another World, playing the role of "Dustin Carter" from late 1996 until his death at age 39 from colon cancer.

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I think Tony did a great job doing what he had to do, putting out a lot of fires and cleaning up a huge mess. He deserves a lot of credit. I know at the end of the day people are going to look towards him, and it has no reflection on what he?s done here. Not many people could do (what he did). He should be rewarded for it in some way.

He said we have to take it to them. But they got another one on the power play.

The ankle feels good, ... I did a lot of work on it. It took a lot longer than I thought. It?s something that took most of the summer to rehab. It?s coming along good. I feel good on the ice. I have to look forward to this year.

We went up two goals and kind of sat back. Everything that they got, we gave them. If we?re going to make any noise down the stretch, these things can?t happen.

It?s been frustrating since Day One. There?s things that need to be addressed in a huge way. It?s been frustrating on a personal level and a hockey level. I know a lot of other people feel the same way.

It?s huge, ... I played with him his rookie year, and he?s had a great career in this league. He?s a great goalie and he?s got a good work ethic. He won a championship in Atlantic City. He?s a winner and he knows what it takes.

Nothing you can really explain.

We have to make sure that we?re ready going into the playoffs. We just have to keep our game simple and not pick up bad habits. This is a big weekend.