We've got some pretty good arms. It's just a matter of throwing strikes and whether we can make the plays behind them.

If we can get through that first series, get them home, play well and get settled down, we'll get in the flow of things.

I love him to death and he's really important to this team.

He's (Soto) going to have to carry us for a little while, I think, until some of these other guys get comfortable.

It's going to be a step up for them. Hopefully we'll pick up right where they left off in Ogden last year.

Hopefully we'll draw well this year.

I think the guys really like the facility here. It's one of the best playing facilities in the league.

They were trying to get him (Mitchell) to chase pitches outside the strike zone.

I think we've got some guys who are going to be able to help us out at the end of the game.