Travis Barker
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"Travis Landon Barker" is an American musician and record producer/producer, most noted as the drummer for the American Rock music/rock band Blink-182. Barker has also performed as a frequent collaborator with hip-hop artists, and with the alternative rock band +44 (band)/+44, the rap rock group The Transplants, and the alternative rock band Box Car Racer. He was a frequent collaborator with the late DJ AM, and together they formed TRV$DJAM.

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We've talked about working with Danger Mouse for the new Plus-44 record.

I think last season was awesome, but this one is even crazier, ... You have no idea.

Right now, one of our members needs time off, so we're granting him that.

Volunteering is the last thing that this generation is going to do on their own, ... so if this is what it takes to get them to volunteer, then so be it.

We'll get back to writing Plus-44 songs sometime in October. That's when I have a couple of weeks off before I leave on the Pennywise tour [with another side project, Transplants (see .