Tommy Castro
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"Tommy Castro" is an American blues, Rhythm and blues/R&B and rock guitarist and singer. He has been recording since the mid-1990s. His music has taken him from local stages to national and international touring. His popularity was marked by his winning the 2008 Blues Music Award for Entertainer of the Year. According to The Chicago Sun-Times, Castro plays "Memphis soul-drenched R&B…top-of-the-line blues." Blurt added, "Castro has a soulful voice, searing guitar and is an excellent songwriter and vocalist. If you close your eyes you will be convinced that you are listening to Otis Redding singing in 1967…tremendous."

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It's sold out and there's a long list of people wanting to get on. It gives you a feeling of great enthusiasm at a time when the club scene has broken down around the country.

I was talking to a good friend of mine on the cruise and we decided it would probably be a good thing to put together a show with two or three strong acts and perform at different venues (other than blues bars).

All the musicians get together -- the top blues guys from the old guard and the new.

Anymore, people are not inclined to go to a small bar and listen to the blues from 9:30 at night until 1 in the morning especially during the week. Fans are not as likely to go to a local blues joint and stay late anymore.