In the beginning when you look at the group we didn't do well enough.

The Old Firm match is the only one in the world where the managers have to calm the interviewers down.

I want to play in the NFL after I'm done with school.

But you have to win your home games and your away games are a bonus, as it is in any competition.

Looking at it over the last few games, the team has - more or less - picked itself. So I think people can look forward to more of the same.

There is a doubt about him and I wouldn't think the manager would risk him if he isn't 100 percent because we need everyone on the button for this game.

I most definitely believe we have enough to win this game.

I think the least we should have done was to have taken the group to its last moments.

Slovenia are a good side and are physically very strong but the most important thing is how we play.