I know the guy can talk.

The ball is going to go come onto the bat quite nicely.

The API report was a big positive for crude prices. That was the catalyst for us going back over $30 a barrel.

It's a whole different ball game when the priority is 6-12 restructuring or when it's 6-12 restructuring but don't add a dime.

Absolutely. It's not an extraordinarily expensive thing. This year, we're getting a late start, but I look for it to do very well in year two and three.

We'll move from just being able to talk about the individual student to the realm of let's talk about instructional practices. That's the rational behind it -- they don't have enough time to talk yet about what am I doing as a teacher.

The Cubic/GE integrated explosives detection system represents an innovative application of proven technology that begins to address public transit's security challenges while minimizing patron inconvenience.

The learning curve is so steep in these last couple of weeks. We're learning new things every day. It's all linked with the taper both clubs are experiencing.

Tokens are not very sophisticated.