I take full blame for that match. Kyle wasn't ready to go after the break. Give all the credit to their kid - he's well-coached.

I'm glad he's going to get his 300th win. He deserves it.

They are as solid as I've seen them in a long time. They are good position wrestlers. They are very, very solid. They are always well?coached. My hat's off to them. We wrestled great today. It's a credit to them. Why get upset when you got beat by a better team. We didn't lose it. They came out and won it. The good thing is we won't see them anymore this season.

I'm proud of R.D.. He keeps moving ?til something good happens. He hasn't had a lot of matches, so it's hard to coach him. He just got into a scramble and landed on top.

It looks like it will be a close one. Hopefully we can win at least seven matches. If we play our cards right, it could come down to bonus points.

We wanted to be aggressive. We can't sit back and let things happen. I really liked our aggressiveness. We really went after it.

I'm proud of the kids who have wrestled for me these last four years. They've put in a lot of time. This being an individual sport has never entered into it for me. I never let any one wrestler think they are better than anyone else.

Caleb was really, really beyond nervous. It's been his dream forever to get here. It was his dream come true. I don't think he realized it until he walked out there. When you make it here for the first time, it kind of hits you right in the face.

They got him in a position where Travis hasn't been in this year, using the duck under.