Rhonda brings genuine energy and excitement to the campaign. She understands the issues affecting local families and has the skills and commitment to get Illinois moving in the right direction.

Three pop ups in row. Sterling is already a good enough team as it is. They don't need to score runs by us helping them. They put the ball in play and we made errors. And that's the game.

We've become absolutely the best of friends ever since.

We knew it was going to be a big week for us. It was time to put a winning streak together and the guys responded.

We've talked about playoff hockey and that's what it is. You limit teams, don't give up odd-man rushes and you play disciplined. I've said all along that if we score four goals a game, we like our chances.

This is just the start of a period of strong growth.

To double the size of the company, we'd only need about a 4 or 5 per cent success rate, compared to about a 70 per cent success rate we've had in the past.