I think we'd better get used to it. I think we're going to see prices roller-coaster like this for a long time.

We are still driving like fiends in North Carolina. We are getting back to our consumptive habits.

Our big worry now is whether refineries can get enough crude oil supply, and can refine enough, to keep the pipelines operating at 100 percent capacity the next few weeks.

They were freaked out, they were rude, they were hostile. They were doing what they were asked not to do.

We have a certain amount of traffic lawlessness that just seems to permeate our society. The age groups are still pretty much the same. It's still those young males on rural roads.

People passing closed stations aren't panicking and stopping to top off at the open station. We've seen a little bit more calm restored.

He always expected us, when we went off to college, to do well and not to bring any bad grades back.

It's been creeping up instead of galloping. Until they get enough (gasoline) in the pipelines, we're going to continue to suffer like this.

They may not be able to buy gas when and where they want it. When they do find a station open, they may find long lines and high prices.