This ranks as one of the best wins this season. The more meaningful games we win in February will hopefully help us play more meaningful games in March.

Our players are building mental toughness. It's really hard with a young team. It's very hard to close teams out in a close game. The more that you get experience at it and the more you learn from the experience is when you don't do it is where it can really help you.

In the last 4:19 we scored one point. We didn't create contact. We certainly would have liked to go to the foul line, but we didn't create the contact.

This was a great college basketball game with two teams who have a lot of respect for each other.

It's great to see seniors and freshmen and everybody else in between playing well. Our players are building mental toughness.

We have to make it a defensive game every time we turn around, that's the Big East. You've got to take advantage of your possessions.

I like our schedule. There's 17 teams that went to the post-season, and when we looked at it there's a potential 21 that we could face with the teams in Alaska and the Blue and Gold Classic. Then we open against Connecticut and Cincinnati. I'm jacked up, there's no question about it.

You have to incorporate these things into practice. It takes a lot of courage to make free throws, and that?s often what separates really good teams from average teams. You have to make it a point of emphasis.

He's missed one free throw in 14 months. We like to have the ball in his hands.