Everyone is involved but doing their own thing. Some are very much on board, others aren't. This isn't something you can force, but everyone seems excited.

We have to begin to invest in our future, otherwise we'll go the way of the dinosaur. We need to get the job market and the current system of higher education turned around in the state of Ohio.

If we are going to have to work until 70, we are all going to have to reinvent our careers at least once.

When we ran for Student Government last year, we ran on a higher education reform. This campaign is our answer to some of the promises that we made.

Our sincerest hope is that we give this the best shot that we can. We hope it works.

For the present time Think Ohio is merely an information/public relations campaign. We have funded Think Ohio through our internal Student Government budget. This stream of funding does not allow us to lobby for partisan issues or for individual candidates. It also sets very stringent restrictions on the way and [the] amount of money that can be raised.

Employers are going to have to be more canny. People who might traditionally have gone to a red-brick may now just as easily go to a more modern university because the course is more interesting. So employers are going to have to head-hunt more on campus.

So many times we get 30 students at the State House, from two universities and they have a broken message. We wanted to get as many students as possible and make this a statewide initiative to show unity.

There are an increasing number of talented young people who 20 or 30 years ago would have gone to university who are not because university no longer means what it used to and they do not want to saddled with high levels of debt.