We didn't have an answer for Ms. Hayward. She simply dominated in the midfield. She was very good in the air and that made a big difference.

I didn't even know about what the kids had done until we got on the bus at 4 p.m.. As a new dad, I just can't even imagine something like this. I'm proud of what our kids did to help out.

We were able to catch them.

We have plenty of athletes. Our bench is young, though, and we've got some serious building to do. Fortunately there's a lot of potential here.

It's always nice to get a league win. I don't think we really executed very well at the beginning, but the last half hour we really stepped up and decided we wanted to play. I'm new to the area so the Fitchburg-Leominster thing is new to me. For the girls, though, this is a really special win.

There was about six girls down there all by themselves. I don't how that happens, but they took advantage.