People want Washington to be noted as a place of integrity and quality and that's what Tyrone brings. We've been in court too much and in the headlines for the wrong reasons.

And you won't get him to do it. He is very respectful and has a lot of affinity; he loved his time there.

He's done an incredible job of instantly changing the culture of what we've been having to deal with over the last few years. He's restored confidence in the players; he's returned them to being focused and more disciplined and more committed. You can see it in the way they act.

I don't want to second-guess their decision, but it certainly did well for the University of Washington. We got a guy who was a fantastic fit.

This is a good example in how complex and how many different tiers there are in administering an athletic program these days. It clearly was a matter of misunderstanding.

All parties agreed they talked about this a long time ago. I can assure you that all of us have learned from this, so our system will get better.

Scott is one of the most talented and respected athletic directors in the nation. With Scott's arrival, I believe we now have one of the strongest, most experienced, and talented administrative teams in the nation.

We've never talked about a timetable, but both of us are experienced enough to know that things like this don't happen overnight. But at the end of the day we need to be a competitive football team that fits the university's image and its mission and its values. Tyrone will have as long as it takes to make sure that happens.

Notre Dame's expectations are high, their traditions demanding. They made a decision they felt was right for Notre Dame, and it was to our benefit.