And most employers will ask for permission to pull your credit report to see how responsible you are … but also because if someone's in debt, there's a greater risk of internal theft.

You can continue to shop and shop and shop and you don't get that psychological payoff.

Shopping online is fantastic for comparison shopping, because never before have you had the ability to see all the prices offered from everybody at one time.

The (Web sites) you see on TV could end up costing you something.

We suggest that a person run their credit report at least six months before making a major purchases, such as a house or car. That's because it gives them time to get any errors corrected or to start correcting any bad credit habits.

People can take this time to put money aside for retirement or to start a savings plan. But these are not sexy choices like buying that wide-screen TV.

Many times people will stop shopping, because they can't carry any more.