It certainly required us to do more in terms of discussing him with other coaches and with the NCAA. It also required us to talk to Bob and ask him some tough questions. His response showed he was eager for this opportunity.

I have great expectations for our basketball program. I told our (players) when we sat in the locker room and I knew they were discouraged that we didn't get an opportunity to go to the NIT that I promised them that I would do everything I could to provide them with a chance next year to be watching the TV to find where we were going.

We have an agreement in principle. The whole process, the 10-12 pages of paperwork, might take about a month.... Honestly, it's nothing to worry about. Bob and I have a handshake agreement.

I don't think he has any doubts about where he believes Kansas State basketball can go. That confidence is always reassuring to an athletic director.

The expectations were pretty clear. We wanted to be in the NCAA Tournament. We thought the prospects were very good. That's why I continued saying until our season was over we weren't going to make any decisions.

It's time for us to move on.