It was almost like fate, ... Like it was meant to be.

I was a likely target, ... It was really no big deal.

I want the guy to be everything, ... I want him to do the little things. Catching the football. Pass protecting for the quarterback. Being a good receiver out of the backfield because then the defense can't focus on, 'We've got to stop him running.'

As we go through the season, I think that's what he's going to try to do.

These guys, they were below the line on their height, or they're at a small school or whatever. So they came below the radar. But they loved the game so much it never deterred them, and I like that in terms of what it makes up in their character and attitude.

He's got to be doing it somehow. If it's not overwhelming size and strength, what is it?

He can run the football.

Not being together for a long time, that's not good for a defense. The longer you are together as a group, the better you are going to be. We can't fake that. That's just going to take time. How long, I don't know. But I know this, they are working hard at getting everybody on the same page and not making mistakes. That's how you get that started.

As a scout you have to look at the hands so the guy doesn't come off the field when it's a passing situation.