They treat you like they would want to be treated. You're on the same plane, the same hotel, first-class all the way. You're part of the family.

Thank God she did it. The arrangement changes keys three times, and she generally doesn't like to do that. Everyone basically that night just started reading it for the first time. I said, 'Do you want to play piano?' And she said, 'Sure, I'll do both.' So she played piano and sang simultaneously, and that was the first take. She nailed it. Beautifully. She's an incredibly gifted musician.

The Rolling Stones Project.

With the Stones, it's not like you're a side saxophone player.

Keith introduces most songs on guitar, ... But right before we started I asked Keith if he'd mind if I did a little cadenza up front on sax to lead into his intro. He said, 'Go ahead, man, do your thing.' I started playing, and Charlie immediately joined me. I had this short statement in mind, but then I thought, 'Charlie's playing with me; I've got to keep going.'

This could have been a very expensive mantelpiece for my shelf, ... But I realized that if I couldn't sell this, I shouldn't even be in the business. Instead of investing the money I earn with the Stones in the stock market, I decided to have faith, leap in and invest in myself.