This is our third straight win and to win on the road like this is a nice victory.

We spotted Coal City that 8-0 lead, but the kids were able to come back. Coal City also jumped out to a quick 7-0 run to begin the second half. We played well except for those two spurts.

Both of our post players picked up their third fouls in the second quarter. Our bench did all right, but we struggled offensively.

This was a game of runs and they kept answering. They made a big run in the last five minutes at us but we held on.

They switched up defenses and kept us off balance offensively. We did a better job in the second half of recognizing.

We got a defensive stop and had the ball down one. We got to the other end and there was a tackle, a first down. Five or six bodies hit the floor and there was no foul called. They called a jump ball instead. St. Anne had possession, scored and that put it away. It was a huge possession.