We need all six players to play solid, ... Hopefully we'll get everyone here doing that in the next couple of weeks.

It was a long match, ... Jerome played well as a team. Wood River committed a lot of unforced errors.

I think they should make it bicycle and golf-cart parking only. Eliminating the auto parking would ... make it more of a beach facility.

We haven't been very stellar, we haven't been as successful as like to be early on—we still have a lot of individuals.

Training involved invading a mock Iraqi village. I was running through searching for weapons and I shot (with blanks) two Iraqis who had guns. I realized that the training takes over, but what happens when your humanity comes back?

It could have gone either way and we were fortunate to win it. We talked about never giving up and that helped. But we're going to have to learn how to get out of the bus a little better and keep our focus—and not playing down to our competition.

This development is in a great location and we look forward to providing the community of Yarmouth with the best state-of-the-art cinema experience available.

What makes me the proudest is that our families are close, work closely together and have a true Aloha between them. That is what we hold onto as dear and sacred.